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Maine Minerals

Explore world-renowned geology and mineralogy in Western Maine.

Oxford County Maine is truly unique in its pegmatite formations, incredible variety of precious and semi-precious minerals. Our area has a centuries-long history as a prized mineral source for industrial applications, collectors, and academics.


You'll have a chance to dig and find minerals previously excavated from the mines. You won't leave empty handed, but remember, mining historically has demanded lots of time and patience to yield results!


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Gem & Mineral Sluice

At Bethel Outdoor Adventure we sell $15 buckets of material gathered from several local mines, providing a broad spectrum of area gems and minerals such as:
• blue and golden beryl
• amethyst
• tourmaline
• rose, smoky, and optical quartz
• mica
• feldspar
• apatite
• lepidolite
• and more.
Everybody gets goodies that you can identify using our handy identification board. Try out the antique cast-iron hand pump just as in the days of old.

The Sluice is Open Late May through October, pending weather.

fun for all ages!

  • Hunt for treasure with the whole family
  • Great introduction to Maine minerals and rockhounding
  • V aluable mineral identification experience.
  • Experienced geologist and miners on hand to enhance the experience
  • Tour groups and school classes welcome
  • Keep what you find!

Maine Mineralogy Expeditions
c/o Bethel Outdoor Adventure
Telephone: (207) 824-4224

Ours is a smoke-free location.


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